Sunday night treat with Deaf Havana in Cambridge

English alt-rockers Deaf Havana have been touring the UK with a run of small shows, including a night at Cambridge Junction on Sunday. 

Earlier this month, Deaf Havana released an album of reworked tracks of their new record All These Countless Nights which featured more stripped back arrangements of the songs. On this Sunday night in Cambridge, the band play us a little bit of everything and reminding us just why they are so damn good.

Supported by Bath rock band Decade and Exeter rock trio Black Foxxes, both of which delivered impressive sets to get the crowd in the mood for their headliner.

Deaf Havana kick off their set with Fever and Sing off their new album, both of which set the tone for the night with their catchy choruses and heartfelt lyrics to shout along to. The tracks showcase the magnificent return to form the band has undergone with their latest effort and they do what they do best – building songs up before they explode into pure magic. Chief songwriter James Veck-Gilodi has truly laid out his soul in front of us with these new tracks, especially the reworked version of Pensacola, 2013 which offers just raw emotion wrapped in chilling vocals.

Although the sixteen-track set seemed short, it’s intensity rivals that of any 4-hour Springsteen show. Mixing old tracks with new tracks alike, the show was filled with brilliance and and the epic hangover wasn’t even that obvious. “We had a rest day yesterday and I got more drunk than the two nights before” James explains and is greeted with cheers and applause. “No! Don’t applaud! That’s not good behaviour.” he adds jokingly.

On a freezing November night, Deaf Havana lit a musical fire at Cambridge Junction that had you replay the gig in your head (and on your phone, probably) over and over again.