London mayor’s new plan will protect the city’s music venues

Sadiq Khan’s new initiative will help save London’s grassroots music scene. 

If it all works out, the city may just be able to stop to enormous rate of venue closures (81 public house closures every year). It’s called the Draft of London plan and will introduce the Agent of Change principle which Frank Turner has been very vocal about.

The plan will make it mandatory for developers introducing new properties that are located near pubs or live music venues to make sure the properties are adequately soundproof… not the other way around. This will reduce complaints made by tenants against pubs and venues and hopefully keep more venues from closing and hence providing platforms for new music talent.

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “Pubs across the capital are often at the heart of our communities or of historic value and should be protected by local authorities in order to protect the capital’s unique character. From historic watering holes to new pop-up breweries, nothing defines the diverse and historic character of the capital better than the Great British Pub.”

It’s great to see that at least in London some steps are taken to save what makes the city’s social scene great instead of money-focused apartment-building turning London into a generic ghost town with no character but lots of pretty buildings no one can afford.