Dear Apollo release debut EP

And it was recorded miles apart in the cloud. 

Indie rock duo Dear Apollo have launched their self-titled debut EP which is out now and upbeat, catchy, harmony-rich indie rock that emphasizes gentle melodies and vulnerable, emotionally candid lyrics, influenced by the likes of Radiohead, The National, The Avett Brothers, and The Shins.

Though band members Anthony Dicembre and Ben Robinson have been close friends since childhood, they have not lived in the same city since college. Geographic distance may separate the indie duo, but their musical symmetry, as well as their dedication to an unorthodox writing process, inspired them to craft an undeniably stellar debut EP.

When asked what makes Dear Apollo so extraordinary, Anthony Dicembre responded, “It’s the recording process. It allows us to be unabashedly creative. Amazingly, the songs have never been physically played, only their individual pieces during the recording and writing process.” The pair saw recording from hundreds of miles apart as an opportunity to create in a completely new and unique way, rather than a limitation

Listen to the EP on Spotify: 

This tech-forward writing process helped develop Dear Apollo’s musical identity. Anthony Dicembre and Ben Robinson each built identical basement studios and started recording. Saving each musical thought to Dropbox that would automatically sync to the other’s studio and phone, so they could instantly listen to what the other recorded. Over time, layers-upon-layers of soul and sound were folded in and stripped away. Their unconventional process allowed the music to evolve into something truly unique – an album spawned from complete autonomy to create unimpeded.

When Dear Apollo knew the first leg of their odyssey was nearing completion, Grammy-winning engineer Will Russell of Wilburland Studios mixed the EP and collaborated with Dana Billings to master it, taking it to the next level – and the result is something exceptional.

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