Interview: The Sulks chat about their new EP

It’s been a busy year for the English rock outfit. 

Four-piece guitar band The Sulks formed in 2016 from the Swindon suburbs and have just finished recording their debut EP which is set for release in 2018. Having played with new-music-ambassadors This Feeling and Jack Rocks, the band also recently packed out London’s Camden Assembly.

Fusing dramatic harmonised vocal layers with conscious lyrics and a musicality which proceeds the young band’s years, their explosive live performances have already earned a lot of attention on the local scene. Their eclectic influences shine through in their sound, taking influence from all corners of all genres, with the drama of Alt J and Arcade Fire and pop sensibility of Foals and The Beatles.

So ahead of their new release and with all the buzz, the boys chat about recording their new EP and writing music.

How did you meet and get to making music together? 

When Rhys moved back to Swindon from Brighton he got in touch with James about starting a new project together. They both had little going on musically so decided to meet up and speak about a new project and exchange ideas, It all pretty much started from there!

You’ve been working quite a bit with Jack Rocks and This Feeling, playing with various bands – do you feel that you can take away new things from playing those shows? 

Yes absolutely! Watching other bands perform is crucial! you learn when you watch/hear other bands play, also the standard This Feeling/Jack Rocks maintain is pretty high to so you’re never to be let down when at one of their gigs that’s for sure!

On that note as well, how important do you feel are people like This Feeling & Jack rocks for new indie and rock bands these days?

We think they offer a great platform for up and coming bands to show their art, so as an artist I would say that’s pretty important to have that at your feet if you wanna get anywhere

Tell me a little bit about what your live shows are like? 

It’s still pretty early days on the gigging side, We’ve only been playing live for 6 months now, We just hope the shows keep getting bigger and better! Playing live is what we love!

Speaking about your recently released singles – they show off two different sides of your sound. Days Are Gone is quite up-beat and catchy, very rock’n’roll whereas Told Ya has more of a mellow, sonic. Take me through the writing process, how do you guys go about it? 

Rhys and James are the main constructors so they will take a seed/idea of a song to one another and help the other to finish it. Writing the lyrics and melodies together… We feel two heads are better than one! On the other hand sometimes we could just be in a rehearsal and just figure stuff out all together or come up with something on the spot, sometimes there’s just those magical moments you know?!

Where do you find your inspiration in regards to lyrics? 

With lyrics we always try to take the small moments that have happened in reality and over exaggerate, maybe be sarcastic or comical but always beautiful! Haha! You’ve always got love to write about it’s one of those topics which can always be a go to… Sometimes our hands just write and it just comes out on paper, It’s also nice to look back at old journals and more often than not you can pick up little phrases and sentences or even a few words to string together. We think it’s always important to be honest with lyrics though!

For the upcoming EP you’ve worked with Gordon Raphael who’s worked with the likes of the Stokes and Libertines. How has he helped shape your sound for the EP? 

Gordon was amazing to work with! He was so honest if he didn’t like something or didn’t think something was needed he would just say! He really pulled the best out of us especially vocally, pronunciation was key for him! everything had to be crystal clear what the lyrics were! He really kept the energy in the room and really captured what we wanted to deliver!

What else can we expect from you guys in 2018? 

Well our first date in 2018 will be in Paris so we really can’t say we’re just gonna keep working hard and see what the future holds! But we promise not to disappoint!

It’s only onward and upward for this band from here and we are most certainly extremely excited for their upcoming EP. Keep your eyes (and ears) peeled!