Lizzy Farrall chats new EP and being on the road

British singer-songwriter Lizzy Farrall just wrapped up an eight-date UK tour supporting Seaway. 

Ahead of the last date of her UK tour with the Canadian pop-punks, Lizzy talked to us about her brand new EP All I Said Was Never Heard and being on tour.

Just before Christmas Lizzy shared her latest video to new track Better With, which premiered via Punktastic, and is taken from her debut EP which was released on the 5 January 2018 via Pure Noise Records.

Congrats on the release of your new EP All I Said Was Never Heard! How has it been received so far?
The press for it has been absolutely amazing! It’s actually been really overwhelming, the amount of times I’ve actually almost cried reading something – it’s really nice. And I’ve been sat on these songs for, god, like two years now! So it’s so nice to actually be out there in the world and the response has just been amazing.

Tell me more about writing and recording the EP – any favourite moments or favourite tracks?
We actually recorded in Southampton, where we played yesterday, literally it’s twenty minutes from the venue. So it’s really nice to be down in Southampton and sing the songs we recorded. Neil Kennedy as a producer is superb, he knows exactly what to do and I think he really got the vibe that I wanted for each track. The ranch is beautiful, it’s right in the middle of the country side and you’re in old barns and there’s fairy lights all over the studio. There’s a good vibe! My favourite song to record was probably Hollow Friends, because it’s quite a funny story – there’s a trumpet at the end. And we were literally just listening back to it and I went “Stop!” and Neil was like “What?” and I was like “There needs to be a trumpet there!” and Neil looked at me like “Really?”. And I was like “No, there NEEDS to be a trumpet there.” So he said “What are you gonna do?” and I just sang the melody and he got a mini trumpet and did it and he said “Actually that sounds cool.” Then they got, just after I left, they got a trumpet player in to come do it.

The tracks all seem to be written from a very personal point of view – do you feel you can draw best from your own experiences?
Everything I write is from situations I’ve gone through in the past. I’ve mentioned it quite a bit that I treat my lyrics like a diary. I suffered quite a bit of mental health growing up so writing songs was my coping mechanism. I literally used to sit in my room and sing them until I was blue in the face and go “Ah, I feel alright now.” So yeah, they’re very very personal, each song is written about something I’ve been through or been a part of.

And what does it feel like playing them live? Is it like therapy again?
Yeah definitely! It’s overwhelming because obviously I try not to sing exactly, like I don’t name any names so people who have been in that situation don’t pick up on it. But yeah, it is a relief and it’s amazing. These past days I’ve seen people sing the lyrics so I have to avoid making eye contact with them because it makes me cry. Yesterday there was people singing and I literally almost lost it. Last song, I was like “I’m gonna cry, I’m gonna cry!” so I said “no, I can’t look at anyone” *laughs*

That would have been my next question, how the songs have been perceived live!
Really good! It’s quite funny though because we’ve had really mixed crowds. Nottingham was quite an older crowd, and they seem to pay more attention. I find that the older crowds say sort of 20+ are the ones coming up and wanting to talk to me afterwards and wanting to buy vinyls and wanting to buy t-shirts. There’s been a few youngsters who have been really into it but, I don’t know why, it just seems the older crowds seem to connect better with the lyrics which is quite cool though. And in a way I kind of like that though.

How has the tour with Seaway and WOES been for you?
Amazing! It’s been absolutely amazing. I wouldn’t change anything. Seaway are the nicest guys ever, they’ve been so welcoming. Obviously this is the first time of me meeting them, we’re on the same label. They’ve just been so nice. WOES are just energy, like it tires me out being around them, but in a good way. In a really good way! They’re just bouncing non-stop and they just bring the laughs really. So it’s been really good. They’re all nice, so lovely.

What do you like most about being on the road?
You make friends immediately with them because you see them every day. And you’re in confined spaces with them. It’s quite funny today actually – me, my tour manager and my guitarist went and got matching tattoos. Which didn’t actually mean to be matching tattoos. I was gonna go and get a tattoo by Trishan who does my merch for me, because he’s been bugging me to, so I came down and they were all like “Oh yeah, I like that! I want that!” and I was like “Really?”. So we’ve now come out with matching tattoos which is a pretty funny story.

Is there anything you NEED to have with you when on tour/at a gig?
I need my Stevie Lange warm-ups on my phone. If I don’t have them, I panic. It’d be that and, I’ve been having a lot of hot lemon & honey, that’s been my go-to: Stevie Lange vocal warm-ups and my lemon & honey.

What are your plans for 2018?
It’s all very hush hush… which is really sad. What I can say is just keep an eye out as much as you can on all social media.

With her new EP getting rave reviews left, right and centre we’re sure 2018 will be a whirlwind of a year for Lizzy!


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