Seaway talk touring, pop-punk and Vacation

Ahead of their last show on their UK tour, Canadian pop-punks Seaway talked all about their latest record and being on the road. 

Just before the tour, the band released their latest single. Taken from their excellent new album Vacation, which was released via Pure Noise Records in September last year, in London the band tell the story of a girl who wants to move, you guessed it, to London and covers everything that makes long-distance relationships so hard. The video mixes the band’s snowy Canadian home and images of downtown London.

So ahead of their headline show at London’s The Garage this Wednesday, I sat down with the boys and talked about life on the road.

How has the run of UK dates been for you guys?
Ryan: Yeah it’s been fun, it’s been really great! All the shows have been really good. Leeds was amazing, Glasgow was amazing, hopefully tonight’s gonna be amazing.

What’s the ONE thing you have to bring on tour with you?
Ken: This has been a book tour! We have been reading a lot.
Ryan: Couple books, I guess.
Andrew: It’s hard to pin it down to one thing, because you need a lot of things *laughs*

Any good books you can recommend that you’ve read on tour?
Ryan: I’ve been reading Slaughterhouse-Five on this tour, but these guys have been shredding more books than me though.
Ken: Yeah I’ve been reading that one too, but we’ve just read Ready Player One, it’s gonna be a movie this year I think. That one is awesome!

What do you love most about British audiences?
Ryan: I want to say the consistency of the shows. There is not really a bad market in the UK for the most part. I hate saying this, because I’m sliding some American cities, or even Canadian cities, you don’t play every single show and there’s always this wild crowd because there’s just a lot of smaller cities in Canada. But then coming over to the UK, there has always been a great reaction with the fans. I think that’s why we look forward to coming over here.

You’ve also brought Lizzy Farall and WOES with you on this tour, what made you pick those two?
Ryan: Just cool music, you know. Up-and-coming acts. Our label helped us with Lizzy Farrall, she’s on Pure Noise so they put in a good word for her. It’s been cool having her out.

Your new record Vacation has been out for a while now, what’s the reception been like?
Andrew: I think it’s been good! This is the last day of the tour but we kind of started to notice that a lot of the new songs are starting to get a better reaction than the old songs, which is really cool because you wouldn’t really want to have it the other way around after it being out for six months. So that’s hopefully a positive.

Tell me a bit about the writing process for Vacation – how did you go about it?
Andrew: We wrote the record for over the better part of a year almost, so it was just the experiences we were having with that. We travelled a lot to write the record. We did some pre-production in Toronto, and then some in Massachusetts, and then we ended up recording the record in LA. So it’s a little bit of a different writing process for us, and I think it turned out well.

How would you say the pop-punk scene is different in the UK compared to back home in Canada?
Ken: It’s definitely bigger here!
Ryan: Yeah, yeah! I think that’s in part because of how much smaller, or more compact the country is. It’s just so much easier for bands from, say, London to play Southampton or Bristol or even up to Manchester is only a couple hours, right? Whereas in Canada, if you’re from Toronto you have a leg up because that’s where all the music happens. Now, to the East of us, it’s like five hours to the next big city and to the West it’s like twenty-four hours. And that city is nowhere near as big as Toronto, so it’s so spread out that it’s a lot harder for bands to start touring.

If you could collaborate with any band on a new track, who would it be and why?
Andrew: Hmmm, I don’t know… maybe Alanis Morissette?
Ryan: Or the Barenaked Ladies.
Ken: I was going to say Rivers Cuomo from Weezer, that’d be cool.
Ryan: Ja-Rule *laughs*

Looking back on 2017 – what were your stand-out moments?
Ryan: We played a lot of new places, we played a few bucket-list places. Like, we went to Japan for the first time, we went to Australia for the first time. So those were two countries that we were really looking forward to getting to eventually. That was definitely a big one for us.
Andrew: I’d also say Japan.
Ken: Yeah, Slam Dunk was really good for us. It was one of the biggest shows we had played for a festival where everyone is actually there to see you.

What does 2018 have in store for you?
Ryan: A lot more gigging I guess.
Andrew: Yeah we’re going to America to do a tour with Neck Deep right after this, tomorrow actually. And then hopefully some headlining. We’ve never headlined in the States so hopefully we’ll get that under our belts. Probably have a Canadian tour, hopefully play new places.

We are definitely looking forward to seeing more of the Canadian quintet in 2018! 



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