Paceshifters talk new album and touring the UK

Ahead of their headline show at Camden Assembly last week, Paceshifters chat about Waiting To Derail, touring with Frank Iero and playing shows in the UK.

Earlier this year Dutch alt-rockers Paceshifters released their latest album Waiting To Derail via Hassle Records just after touring the UK with MCR guitarist Frank Iero in November. Now as they embarked on their own headline tour throughout British cities, Seb, Paul and Jesper take the time to chat about their new record and why they love playing in the UK.

Read the full interview below.

How did you guys meet and end up making music together?

Jesper: Well, Seb and Paul are brothers so they met when they were born *laughs* and I met Seb at the Herman Brood Academie, it’s like a school for musicians in Holland, in Utrecht. Then Seb asked met to fill in for their drummer one time. And it was “Whoa this is really good chemistry”, like it was very nice, so  then we just started playing together. That’s how the band started.

Waiting to Derail gives off quite a bit of a Nirvana, grungy vibe which we haven’t seen with many young bands in a while – are they a big inspiration to you?

Paul: Definitely yes I think so.

Seb: We all listen to a lot of 90’s alternative rock bands and we also listen to more Americana, folk like Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young. So that’s an inspiration for us.

These tracks sound like they will be amazing live – did you write them with your live shows in mind at all?

Jesper: Yeah, a little bit with the live shows in the back of our minds.

Paul & Seb: Yeah!

Paul: I think the songs are really… when we write them we always keep in mind that we have to play them live. So obviously you do that but I think they develop a little better when you play them live and you play parts more interesting.

Jesper: I think you know when a song works is when the crowd loves it I guess.

Paul: Yes! It’s always good when you write new songs to play them live and see how the audience react.

Along with your new album you also released a live album – what made you decide to go down that route?

Jesper: Well, a lot of people tell us they like us live, so…


Jesper: … and that it’s different than on the album, so we thought why not make a live EP.

Last year you toured the UK with Frank Iero – what were your favourite moments about that?

Paul: A lot of favourite moments!

Seb: They were really nice guys! All of the band also Dave Hause and the Homeless Gospel Choir. Our favourite part – hmmm… What was pretty cool was one night we did a Nirvana cover we played Aneurysm and Evan (guitarist, Frank Iero & The Patience) came up to us and was like “Ah man that was great! I always wanted to do a cover of Territorial Pissing can we maybe do it together?” and we were like “Of course, why not!” *laughs* So we did that the first time in Glasgow or something.

Paul: And then Matt, the drummer for Frank Iero, also joined, and then Frank joined! So it was like a six-piece *laughs*

Seb: One big party, yeah! It was really nice.

Do you feel as a young band you get to learn a lot from touring with bands like his?

All three: Yeah, a lot!

Paul: From their experience, yeah.

Your own UK headline tour kicked off last week! How’s it been playing to the UK as a headliner?

Paul: It’s good, like you said we did the Frank Iero tour which was kind of the first thing a lot of people I think heard us live, so it’s good to come back and play longer sets. You see a lot of kids come back who we saw at Frank Iero’s shows so that’s cool to see people liked it and coming back. That’s a big compliment for us. It’s nice to see them again and hopefully there’ll be more and more people every time we come back.

Do you feel there’s a big difference between UK audiences and the ones from back home?

Jesper: We always thought that, we also sometimes … *chat in Dutch*

Seb: A lot of people in Holland, when we play soft parts, really soft, a lot of people in Holland they just talk, like a lot, like “Ey, you wanna get another beer? – Yeah sure!”. Like, really loud. Also I think bands from the UK and America they call it the Dutch disease, because a lot of people talk the whole show. And I think that’s better in the UK. But that’s better everywhere. It’s nice to play here.

Anything in particular you love about British audiences?

Jesper: We think they’re pretty dedicated.

Paul: Especially with Frank Iero, you’d see them waiting outside the venue a whole day maybe two days. And even with our shows, people show up really early come to the front of the stage. They really, really love the music, they sing  every song. That’s good to see that people really dig into the music and listen to the record quite a bit because they know all the words.

What’s been your funniest ever touring moment so far?

Seb: We had some funny moments, and some shitty moments in Liverpool.

Jesper: With the Frank Iero tour, we played in Liverpool, can’t remember the venue, it was like a cinematic kind of venue, and we were loading in our van after the show. And we had our drum rug, it was laying on the street, and then I picked it up and there was like shit, human shit. On the drum carpet. All of our backline was covered in shit.

Paul: So we had to clean it. It wasn’t that fun. *laugh*

I guess looking back it’s a fun story to tell. 

All: Yeah, definitely!

And what are your plans for 2018?

Paul: I think like we were doing the last couple of months, just playing lots of shows and we want to continue to play live more and more and more. So we hoping for some big festivals, maybe outside of home, maybe UK and Germany. Keep the live thing going. And we’ll be writing new stuff.

Jesper: Make a new record.

Paul: Yeah hopefully we’ll go in the studio and make a new record.

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