Nervus – Everything Dies

Nervus’ newest LP is out this Friday and you should definitely take a listen! 

The first new record since 2016’s Permanent Rainbows marks a step forward for the British alt rockers fronted by talented songwriter Em Foster who pours her heart and soul into every drop of this record. Scheduled for release on 9 March via Big Scary Monster Records, Everything Dies was recorded and produced by Bob Cooper and Em Foster at Crooked Rain Studios in Leeds.

What makes this album such a gem is that even though the lyrics are dark and painful but yet the melodies leave a glimmer of hope with the listener, saying that things may seem hopeless now but they will get better if you just hold on.

With every track, the band deliver truthfulness and authenticity, sharing their deepest emotions with the world and with the listener. Album opener Congratulations nicely sets the tone for the record – lyrics “before you’re born, they paint the room the colour you will prefer when you exist.” set the intro into the red thread throughout the record until the end.

Everything Dies is far from short of great hooks and intense punk dynamics, it really pulls you in with its neverending run of bangers, catchy choruses included. It’s the kind of album that will have you addicted after just one listen, and will genuinely have you hit that repeat button over and over again.

Overall the band have clearly evolved since their first record having worked hard on their craft and producing songs that demand to be listened to. And ahead of the release I had a chat to Em Foster about the band’s new record!

How did you guys get together in the first place because you initially started writing song on your own? 

Yeah I started writing songs on my own and I’ve known the rest of the guys in the band for a long time and we kinda got together fairly organically after that.

How do you balance being in two bands, that both have just released a new album, at the same time? 

I’m actually just walking around Tesco doing a food shop at the moment, so it’s just trying to fit things all in. But yeah, with difficulty, is the answer to your question. It’s quite difficult balancing everything but it’s fun.

Your first record dealt with a lot of struggles of addiction, and the box that society likes to force peple into – do you feel things have improved at all since then?

I think actually things have got worse, just in terms of people who are opposed to trans rights at the moment are empowered by the rise in [the right] and the [stories] that’ve been spread the mainstream media. So yeah, no I think things are worse. So that’s the short answer. I think things can get better, but only if people stop being dickheads.

With transgender role models such as Laura Jane Grace of Against Me, do you hope that your music and your journey will inspire others and support them on their journey?

Yeah! I think it’s important to see people like you, otherwise you feel like you’re not being represented properly in the media. I don’t think that’s the be all and end all, but I do think it brings about positive changes, especially in personal and individual empowerment and feeling not so isolated when you’re struggling on your own to see other people on stage and talking about it.

Speaking of role models and support – your new video for The Way Back is absolutely golden – do you feel it helped you connect with your fans even more?

Yeah I think it was, it was really fun experience and it was just as beneficial to me watching all these people be proud and celebrating themselves as it perhaps was to them. It was a really fun project that one!

When you write songs, they’re obviously from a quite personal perspective – is it a bit like therapy in a way?

Yeah I think it performs that function for me. I can sit down and write a song and, just writing lyrics and stuff that how I work out how I’m feeling about things.

The album opener Congratulations seems to set the tone for the album quite nicely, both lyrically and sound-wise – was that a concious choice?

I think it was a conscious choice. We put quite a lot of thought and effort into making sure that the album flows and has a shape to it. And it has a thread running through it, without feeling like you’re going backwards and forward, or feeling like you’re being jolted too far out of one thing and into another when you listen to it. So, yeah it was a conscious choice, I think Congratulations sounds like an album opener, the way it sets up and builds is a good way to open an album.

What are looking forward to most about playing the new tracks live?

Just to be able to actually play the new songs live in the set without it being sort of “this is a new one” because obviously Permanent Rainbow has only been out for eighteen months but we’ve been playing those songs live since the beginning of 2015 so it’s only been three years. So to be able to have a few more songs to mix the set up with is very exciting. And also I think they’re much more powerful songs, they’re much more true to who we are as a band now than Permanent Rainbow. 

Last year you toured with fellow UK punks Creeper. What were your favorite moments of the tour?

Favourite moments of the tour … ohhh.. well, my partner Megan came on tour which was quite helpful. I think actually being able to justify having an extra pair of hands in the form of Megan and also being able to meet so many people who like our band was cool, playing to new audiences. It was an easier tour than I’d done before. It’s the easiest tour we’ve done so far I think.

What else can fans expect in 2018?

We’re gonna be doing a whole lot of festivals, we’re gonna tour with Milk Teeth, we’ve got a bunch of stuff in the pipeline that we can’t talk about yet *laughs*.