Review: First Aid Kit deliver a first-class show at the Roundhouse

The folk duo’s second sold-out London show proved that these ladies live up to their hype. 

Earlier this year Swedish folk sisters First Aid Kit released their latest album Ruins and now they’ve hit the road with shows in Glasgow, Manchester and London. For two sold-out nights the singers took over the iconic Roundhouse and showed that they’re a force to be reckoned with.

On a frosty March night, Klara and Johanna Söderberg bring together classic American songwriting with a little bit of Sweden. The two kick their set off with the opener on their new album, Rebel Heart, illuminated by a huge beating heart on the backdrop.

Throughout their entire set the two appear to be genuinely enjoying themselves as they interact with the audience, and at one point even joking about the weather saying that it makes it feel like home. Overall the show flows beautifully, the songs intertwine yet each shining bright with its own character. Kick-ass tracks like King Of The World and The Lion’s Roar balance perfectly against more melancholic tunes such as Ruins, the title-track of their latest record.

And of course nothing quite takes the crown like the band’s gorgeous rendition of Emmylou, a nod to folk legend Emmylou Harris not just by title but also with the spell-binding sound of a pedal steel guitar that underlines Klara and Johanna’s harmonies.

You Are The Problem Here marks a highlight of the show and for a few minutes takes the audience out of its trance and back to reality, but a reality that is important to First Aid Kit. The powerful performance of a song that calls out sexism and inappropriate behaviour, is followed by a passionate call to arms by Klara:

“We wanted to ask the perpetrators of these crimes questions, like why did you do such a horrendous thing to another human being instead of asking the victims of these crimes “What were you wearing?” or “Why did you get drunk?”… We need to put the blame back where it belongs, and we need to keep talking about this, finally, we’re talking about this but we have to keep the conversation going. And ladies I hope you feel comfortable enough that you can speak out… but men, guys, we need your help. You need to make sure that when your friend makes a sexist remark or a sexist joke – don’t just laugh along, don’t let it slide. Please tell them “You know what? That’s not fucking funny.” These little things that we normalise, that is why the big things happen…”

With a four-track encore including their popular single My Silver Lining, the duo send us off into the night with warm hearts and a whole lot of pride to be a woman tonight, because when we all stick together look at what we can achieve.

First Aid Kit deliver a stellar performance of gentle but yet powerful folk rock and made us all feel a little warmer on that cold Friday night in London.