Listen to Crooked Teeth’s new single

Crawl is out now, featuring guest vocals from Stand Atlantic’s Bonnie Fraser. 

Southern California’s Crooked Teeth are set to re-issue their Pastel EP on 11 May via Rude Records. To mark the announcement, the band has unveiled new single Crawl in the form of a heartfelt music video. The pop punk trio have enlisted Stand Atlantic’s Bonnie Fraser for guest vocals.  Have a listen!

Crawl is about talking yourself away from a toxic relationship and details the healing, learning, and moving on moments post separation.

“Crawl is about talking yourself away from a toxic relationship, be it platonic or intimate. It’s about healing, learning and moving on from an experience that could have potentially altered your core in a negative sense. Our producer, Matt Lang, brought this to us in the spring of 2016. We really dug the hook and the lyrical standpoint of the chorus. I wrote the verses based off a similar experience I had. It’s definitely my personal favorite song in our current catalogue.” says vocalist and guitarist Tyson Evans.

“I naturally discovered Stand Atlantic by way of a Spotify curated playlist based on what I had been listening to. I loved ‘Coffee at Midnight’ and I thought it was dope that the band was a three-piece as we are as well. Bonnie displays a ton of emotion when she sings and that’s something we really wanted to add to this song. I also wanted the song to be sort of a back and forth from the bridge through the end. I thought it would be cool for the story and the lines of resistance towards toxicity to be sung by a woman versus a guy just blabbing on about some heartbreak the whole time. Bonnie killed it and we are so stoked” he adds about working with Bonnie Fraser.