Home Wrecked show they’re a force to be reckoned with on new EP

The Sheffield pop-punks recently released their second EP Try What You Want, Just Make Sure It Works via Primordial Records.

Try What You Want, Just Make Sure It Works follows 2016’s debut EP When All Goes Wrong with both records produced by Matt Ellis of Axis Recording Studio.

“I guess our main aim was to just try to write an EP which we all love. We are all into similar bands and music, but at the same time have a lot of different influences. We tried to use this to maybe step a little outside of the typical pop punk style of songs, and maybe a little out of our comfort zone” says drummer Ben Hinchliffe of the EP.

Home Wrecked take their pop-punk back to its roots and to when it was more punk than pop. Reminding a lot of the likes of The Story So Far or The Flatliners, Try What You Want, Just Make Sure It Works feels raw and truly handmade. EP opener Moving Day and subsequent track Back On The Grid set the tone for what Home Wrecked are all about: bounce-worthy tracks with choruses that have sing-along potential.

Nothing Like You presents another side of the five-piece. The ballad has elements of early 00’s pop-punk with hints of emo and a whole lot of feeling. Featuring stunning guest vocals from Christina Rotondo, her and vocalist Joe work extremely well together on this track and it definitely ends up being a favourite of all five EP tracks.

Album closer Stepping Stones kicks off with a heavy intro, and delivers kick-ass drum work throughout. It packs a punch with its melody but also the demanding vocals, making it just one of those songs you know will work extremely well in a live setting.

Safe to say, Home Wrecked are one to keep an eye on. The band are going from strength to strength and with this new EP will be sure to turn a head or two.

Home Wrecked just finished a huge tour supporting Carousel Kings, and this weekend you can catch them at a set at Teddy Rocks.