Woes’ new EP packs a punch

Scottish pop-punk quartet Woes are set to release their Self Help EP this Friday. Expect to be blown away. 

Woes have been making a stir the past few months, touring with the likes of Neck Deep, Seaway and Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. The band are now starting a new chapter, with the release of forthcoming EP Self Help on 4 May via UNFD.

The EP kicks off with the band’s recently released single High On You. The song’s bouncy energy carries right through the entire EP and sets the tone for what Woes have to offer: fast-paced, infectious pop-punk.

Real World is one of the more pop-influenced songs on the record, which is by no means a bad thing. Its very catchy chorus and energetic drums easily qualify it for your summer soundtrack and is a strong contender for a festival favourite.

If it’s guitar riffs you want, then Losing Time is for you. Not only is the song a prefect pop-punk anthem (cue the circle pit) but it also is one of those that perfectly lends itself to be the one most people will remember from a Woes live show.

With all other tracks on the EP released already, Over It holds a special place as the only song not previously released. Lyrically and melodically it is a lot heavier than most of the songs on the EP, but really showcases the many sides and talents of the Scottish band.

Last but not least, latest single HLB 2 closes the album perfectly as it offers something a little different all together. Its first verse is synth-y and is repeated in the bridge throughout the song. But you are soon taken back to Woes signature high-energy melodies and drums for days.

“Any song that you write is a cathartic human process of something that͛s happened to you or an expression of hurt or an expression of love, and for me any song that I write is self help”, DJ explains about the EP. With prolific producer Seb Barlow (Neck Deep, WSTR) at their disposal, they did what they do best: worked hard. “We wanted to write songs that sounded unique. We made a conscious decision to write distinctive sounding songs, we would only work on a piece of music if it made you feel something. And it’s our best work yet! As we were writing these songs our band was growing and growing, and we anticipated that we were writing songs that we were going to be playing in HUGE venues. We’ve never really had to write music with the expatiation of having to play it to thousands of people before. So that changed the dynamic of how we structured songs quite significantly”

Woes are showing no sign of slowing down, with Download, Slam Dunk and Galaxy Camp festivals in the pipeline, alongside a UK headline run in May and Scottish regional tour in June.

Catch them live in the UK:
4 May – Teddy Rocks, Dorset
5 May – Sound Basement, Liverpool
6 May – Waterfront Studio, Norwich
7 May – Jumpin Jacks, Newcastle
10 Jun – Download Festival, Donington
21 Jun – Opium, Edinburgh
22 Jun – Tooth & Claw, Inverness
23 Jun – Beat Generator, Dundee
24 Jun – The Garage Attic, Glasgow