Kelsy Karter releases killer new single

If you’re not obsessed with Kelsy yet, you will be after hearing this song. 

Having spent the last months working with the likes of Cage The Elephant and Alex Da Kid, Kelsy Karter released her new single God Knows I’ve Tried this week. The track is a searingly personal rock ‘n’ roll song showcasing Kelsy’s gorgeous vocal over a twanging guitar lead arrangement.

Speaking on the track, the New Zealand born, LA based artist states: “I’ve spent my whole life being rebellious and doing what people told me not to do. And when you have that kind of spirit, somebody always gets hurt. I guess God Knows I’ve Tried is just my apology letter in the form of a rock&roll ballad.”

On Facebook she tells her fans: this song is for all the kids that aren’t perfect, the ones that go left when everyone else goes “right”. the ones that are only truly themselves when face to face with trouble. we are the kids with a deep desire to be bold and ridiculous most all of the time, and whether authority wants to believe it or not, we are the ones that make up all of your heroes. i have tried to meet the standards of what others call “good” or even “normal”, but i can’t keep up and i’m done pretending that i can. evidence shows that maybe it’s just not my path. i’ve broken most rules and paid dearly for it, but doing bad things doesn’t make you a bad person. it makes you an interesting one.

very very pleased to introduce the first song off of my record – “god knows I’ve tried”. i hope you find a little bit of yourself in this. love you to the moon and beyond, k 🚀

Having picked up support from the likes of i-D, EW and KCRW on her early releases, God Knows I’ve Tried sees Karter moving away from the musical lane she felt pushed into and straight into rock&roll, the music she loves.