Fizzy Blood play explosive London show

Leeds alt-rock rising stars Fizzy Blood take over Boston Music Room. 

Having just recently released their Pink Magic EP, Fizzy Blood took to the stage in North London to celebrate and give the new tracks a spin with the crowd. And boy, do they sound huge!

There’s just something about a Friday night gig, isn’t there? The week is done and everyone is ready to let loose and let go of the tension built up over the week – and what better way to do that than by rocking out to the energy of Fizzy Blood.

Kicking things off with the title track to their new EP, Pink Magic has the crowd fascinated and dancing from the first note. “You started off better than Leeds!” lead singer Benji Inkley compliments the eager audience.

Fizzy Blood also dip into their previous repertoire with songs like Queen Of Hearts off of their 2015 EP Feast. And just like Healing Isn’t Free off of last year’s, these older tracks go down a treat. Declaring this being their last shows for a while as they head off to write some new songs, the band launch into Illusion off the band’s killer new EP.

“Split the room, London!” Benji calls, and Boston Music Room happily obliges in getting a mosh pit going for ADHD which provides the perfect foundation for moshing with its huge energy and catchy chorus. The band then take another trip down memory lane with tracks like Summer of Luv and January Sun. And just before the set comes to a close, Fizzy Blood play a fierce cover of Thin Lizzy’s The Boys Are Back In Town.

With this show and their latest EP, Fizzy Blood have cemented their place on the list of British bands to watch. We sure as hell are more than psyched for what’s to come next from the Leeds lads.