Lindsay Ell blows us all away at her sold-out London show

The Canadian country singer-songwriter makes sweet love to her guitar and we get to watch. 

Sound a bit voyeuristic? Well, it felt like it, but what can you do when you’ve got Lindsay Ell mesmerizing you with her riffs on stage! London’s Borderline has never felt so hot. She may have unfortunately lost most of her gear (stolen from her van in the US!), but if Lindsay hadn’t told us that’s what happened we wouldn’t have known the difference with a set as flawless as hers.

“I normally wouldn’t do this on the first song but London can you song this chorus?” She called out as the first notes off her guitar were sent off into the ether for the sultry Waiting On You. And honestly, sultry is about the right way to describe Lindsay’s set. Not in a Dita Von Teese kind of way, but if you don’t think her riffs and voice aren’t the hottest thing you’ve ever heard, you’re not listening.

The following tracks Wildfire and Champagne kick the heat up another notch. “This is exactly how I feel a woman should be treated” she says before launching into the smoothness of Champagne. And all we want to shout is “Yas girrrrl!”.

With just her guitars, pedal board and her phone, Lindsay makes it sound like she’s got at least another two people on stage with her. “I didn’t have a drum, but now my phone is a drum machine.” She says and adds “People will think I’m tweeting during my show!” and laughs before playing us her brand new catchy ballad in the shape of Temptation. 

Speaking of new tracks, Lindsay has reenlisted Sugarland’s Kristian Bush to write songs for her new album. If Temptation is anything to go by, we’re sold for sure.

“Anyone in love this one goes out to you – anyone not in love, I will share this love story with you. Love should be easy, like a tshirt.” Ell explains about the lyrics behind the sweet and memorable sounds of Mint. 

The Canadian singer then swaps her electric guitar with an even more stripped back acoustic. we didn’t think this show could feel any more intimate but here goes Lindsay and proves us wrong. “This is the part of the show here you can shout and request what you want” she offers and is promptly met by someone requesting Britney’s Hit Me Baby One More Time. If you think she’d give it a miss you are sorely mistaken. A short rendition of the late 90’s classic had the crowd sing along to every word (because who doesn’t know these words?!).

Lindsay then tell us about a writing session with The Vamps for their new record and a track called Stumble Home, for which Ell wrote half and The Vamps wrote the other half from the other side of the globe as their schedules just never aligned at the right times.

One of the most magical moments of the night was by far the goosebump-inducing Space. The song shines a bright spotlight on Ell’s vocal capabilities as well as her incredible songwriting talent. Slightl toned down on the guitar riffs, Space is without a doubt one of the most beautiful pleas for love you’ve ever heard. Are you out there in there in the dark – space

With hit single Criminal and the very beautiful Not Another Me Lindsay leaves a sold-out crowd in London aw-struck.

And so our girl crush on Lindsay Ell has got another boost, we leave the Borderline looking like the heart-eye emoji – more kick-ass female musicians like Lindsay please, dear music industry!