EP Review: 7he 7ouch – Seventyseven

Athens meets London, 7he 7ouch have released a slick new EP with Seventyseven. 

Formed of Constantine (vocals), Stelios (guitar), John (lead guitar), Toni (bass) and Dave (drums), 7he 7ouch recorded Seventyseven between studios in Athens and London. The EP consists of six explosive tracks, written and performed from their hearts.

With each member bringing influences ranging from old school rock’n’roll through to nu metal, they’ve created a record which pays homage to the past, with huge guitar solos and memorable melodies, whilst ferociously tearing into tomorrow with attitude and force.

Vocalist Constantine was the first member to leave Athens and on one dark occasion found himself spending the night at a ghetto house in the outer reaches of London, surrounded by drugs, sex and anything but rock n roll. Reciting the words “feel like a stranger a distant narrowed ranger” he reveals “it was one of the first ever times that I felt lonely”.

Kicking off the EP is lead single Solution and its solid rock’n’roll vibes with a pinch of that indie feel. What really makes this track so slick is the intense guitar riffs before the chorus kicks in.

Following this is latest single You Can. Racing with energy and unmissable hooks, the track was inspired by the political turmoil affecting us across the globe and the extreme ideologies people have on how to deal with the issues.

On My Face 7he 7ouch really dig out that rock’n’roll energy, not only with high-energy guitars sounds but also the swaggery vocals just combine to deliver the ideal package. We do love You Can and Solution, but this one really takes the cake!

Knobs changes up the sound again slightly, never leaving those rock roots but giving you more of that indie vibe, making it an extremely arena-friendly track. Similarly, R.A.G.E has an intro that you know could work extremely well at festivals, especially with the way the drums give it a huge base to sit on. It is missing a bit of a wow factor, but when you’ve got huge sounding drums and guitars, it’s something that’s easily forgiven.

As the EP closes out with Blitz the band draw once again on that Foo Fighters-like stadium sound, with success – not the sounding like Foo Fighters part (let’s be honest, no one can!), but the stadium part. If we had to pick favorites (and we totally are) this would be it.

So basically what we’re trying to say is, if you like handmade rock’n’roll with a bit of an indie twist, 7he 7ouch’s new EP Seventyseven will be a perfect addition to your collection.