New Jersey pop-punk band Idle Wave releasing new track

Taken off the band’s upcoming self-titled EP. 

Asbuy Park, NJ pop-punks Idle Wave will release their self-titled EP on 1 December. Check out the new single You Caught Me which was mastered by Scott Hull (Nirvana, Childish Gambino).

Developing their sound in basement shows and the Asbury Park music scene, Idle Wave combines the anthemic garage rock sound of Weezer with the hard-truth lyricism of The Wonder Years. Post grad but not dead yet

Departing from their college project Flammable Animals the boys shifted their sound from what was normally basement recordings to bigger live rooms and louder amps through the help of John Ferrara (Trophy Scars) at Portrait Recording Studios.

Not ones to shy away from touchy subjects, You Caught Me puts pressure on the conversation regarding guilt and false accusations, while the EP also hones in on depression and the idea of things being out of your control, but not beyond repair.

Idle Wave takes you to a place of 00’s pop-punk nostalgia while holding up a mirror of self doubt, making for a nostalgic but unmistakably current relatability. Post grad but not dead yet.