Shadows Like Strangers share new single

Listen to The Art Of Falling Down now. 

Nottingham rockers Shadows Like Strangers have just released the second single from their forthcoming debut album CALI. The Art Of Falling Down explores the topic of overcoming personal struggles. Explaining the motivation behind the new single, Jezza Bruce (Vocals & guitar) comments:

The Art Of Falling Down is a song about overcoming struggles to reach your goals. Finding a purpose or someone that gives you focus when all seems lost. We often share our journeys and it’s nice to that you can help a person that once pulled you back from the edge.”

Explaining the background to the debut album CALI the band say: “When Jezza began writing CALI there was a completely different purpose for the record, there was a slightly different sound and we wanted to convey a different message. Over the last 4 years as the album came together things changed, in our lives, in the band and on the record. It felt right to call the album CALI for various reasons.

As a writer Jezza often visualises movie scenes that help him structure the lyrics almost like a script, those “movie scenes” often being set in California. It so happens that his partner Jess Matthews of Jetlines shared his passion to take their music to California and that remains a primary ambition. That fuelled the vision and took the record to new heights.
Dan (Bass) provided the album art and much insight into the integrity of the work, having travelled the West Coast prior to his involvement in the project.

The majority of CALI is a collection of songs about love, hate and fulfilling dreams whereas the breakaway songs from that theme tell a very different story.”