The Dirty Nil share video for ‘Pain Of Infinity’

Taken off their recently released stellar record Master Volume. 

Just last week Canadian rockers The Dirty Nil played a special one-off show at London’s Moth Club, and celebrated the release of the video for new single, Pain of Infinity, from their critically acclaimed record, Master Volume.

The video, directed by Mitch Barnes and Victor Malang, sees the band acting as quite frankly terrible reapers, with the trio seemingly doing anything but collecting souls.

Frontman Luke Bentham says, “I genuinely thought the police would be called as we rampaged through our town that day. Smoking cars, trespassing and general mischief are all bound to raise the attention of the police. But hey, is it really a music video if there’s no threat of law enforcement?”

To celebrate the Pain of Infinity video, The Dirty Nil have launched a Facebook chat friend, Ricky the Reaper, for fans interact with, with different outcomes.

In Ricky’s own words, he is “the lord of the Nillionaires, looking to regale you with the monotony of my daily life while also rewarding my loyal subjects with treasures for completing quests in honour of The Dirty Nil. Hit me up on Facebook Messenger!”

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