Sam Wilde wins our hearts at London’s Spice Of Life

With his latest single released just earlier this year, 2019 promises to be a big one for Sam Wilde. 

With a mix of rock and Americana, and a healthy dose of pop elements, Leeds-based singer-songwriter Sam Wilde creates a sound that’s mainstream accessible without being drowned out by the washed-out same-old-same-old radio sound. We went to his first ever London show at Soho’s The Spice Of Life to see, and hear, what he’s like in a life setting – and we were not disappointed.

Sam’s sound shows the influences of growing up in Manchester in the 90’s, surrounded by Brit pop. But he manages to make it his own by adding his striking vocals and stellar lyrics. Having toured with the likes of Dan Owen and Billy Lockett, he brought a whole lot of energy to a small stage on a Friday night.

Including his latest single On The Run, Sam Wilde played a solid set presenting various sides of his songwriting. From blues-infused rock to more indie sounding melodies, there wasn’t a point in the set we weren’t obsessed with what was layed before us. Wilde’s vocals are mesmerizing and are one of the things that will keep you coming back for more. We also have to give kudos to his backing band though, making the sound full with tight drums and heavy bass lines.

Make sure you check Sam’s latest single out below because we have a feeling you’ll be hearing a lot more from him this year!