Set It Off make it a family affair at The Garage

With support from Bearings and Vuvoki, Set It Off are well and truly back as they deliver a stunner of a show in London. 

Canadian rock outfit Bearings played an impressive first show in the capital as the tour marks their very first visit to the UK. Tracks like Aforementioned, the lead single off their recent record Blue In The Dark, really went down a treat with the crowd in North London that night. The band showcase their musical talents, including the acoustic performance of Tide. “It’s actually really hard, if I fuck it up you can’t be mad.” vocalist Doug Cousins warns. But he did just fine, if there were any mistakes, the audience sure didn’t notice or care. We certainly are excited for Bearings’ return to the UK!

After a short but energetic set from Vuvoki, Set It Off take to the stage and kick things off with recent single and super catchy tune Lonely Dance. Throughout the entire set it was a family affair for Set It Off. Treating their crowd like they’re performing for a bunch of friends made it feel not only intimate but also special. Wether it’s the relatable lyrics of Criminal Minds which is for “anyone who wants to cut drama out of their life” according to vocalist Cody Carson, or the little things like Carson signing “bullshit” in ASL during Hypnotized as he sings “I heard you been lyin’ and tryin’ to shit on my name talkin’ behind my back, you should never expect the best to rest instead you’re spewin’ that bullshit!”

And then there’s the ultimate proof of trust and adoration as the singer standing in, or rather on top of, the crowd for Killer In The Mirror to then drop flat into the crowd. “Thanks for keeping me alive out there!” he calls as he gets back on stage.

Set It Off also share personal stories behind their songs and how it’s affected them, such as the story about Cody’s father as the basis for Unopened Windows. For this track guitarist Dan Clermont brings on his trumpet skills playing a trumpet that belonged to Cody’s dad (no, YOU’RE crying!). Furthermore, we see the lead singer on the saxophone!

After an emotional rollercoaster of a first half, the band take a little break. Except Max Danzinger who is getting his very own few minutes in the spotlight with a killer drum solo of some of the most popular tracks out there at the moment including Billie Eilish’s You Should See Me In A Crown, Ariana Grande’s 7 Rings or BTS’ Idol. 

And it’s not the only medley of the evening. Whether it’s an attempt to put as many fan favourites into a set or just plain fun, it works. Set It Off play a whirlwind of a nine-track-medley including Dream CatcherNo Disrespect, Ancient History, Bleak December, Admit It, Miss Mysterious, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, Swan Song and Forever Stuck in Our Youth. 

Set It Off close their main set with Why Worry and Midnight Thoughts before launching into their encore after a short break. “I think I alluded this but London you take the fucking crown!” Carson exclaims before kicking off the final song of the evening with Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing and jumpng back in for one last crowd surf.

As the houselights go up and Natasha Beddingfield’s Unwritten plays on the PA, the party with family and friends is not quite over yet as the band give away setlists and drumsticks, and Cody gives group hugs to the front rows.

Say what you will, but a band that cares that much about their fans and puts on that much of a passionate show deserves the world if you ask us. We are here for all of the love, all of the hugs and all of Set It Off.