Kosmonauts drop new single ‘Lady Lovesick’

The Manchester four-piece have something new for you to love. 

Kosmonauts are about to embark on their most interstellar adventure to date. The band started their 2019 campaign with a bang, as single Falling Apart landed on 22 February and hit over 10,000 streams within its first month of release and was met with plaudits from all around the globe. Part of something much bigger, it represents the start of a journey that takes them to intergalactic levels, and they want you to join them.

Since the release of their debut single back in 2017, Rob Snarr, Callum Hollingsworth, Dean Chadwick and Kieran Wilkinson have created an inimitable sound that is original and unmistakeably theirs. A blend of heartfelt, real-talk song writing, delicately crafted melodies and euphorically delivered energy has taken them through the roof and into orbit time and time again.

From the very first moments of electric powerhouse drumming on When We Were Young to the cute, intricate guitar work of Stay, it’s been quite clear from the very early stages of the band that something monumental is bubbling up here. Up next is Lady Lovesick, a driving, expressive force of a track that holds no punches; a confident depiction of raw emotion is belted out through the airy, emotive vocals of Rob Snarr, who’s backed by big-room chorus drops, anthemic guitar thrashing, grooving basslines and a downright infectious collective noise that you can’t help but invest yourself in.

On creating the Lady Lovesick Kosmonauts added: “Lady Lovesick is actually about a girl who wants the idea of a loving relationship but when it’s right in front of them they can’t see it, they’re bored and chase the thrill of a new relationship hoping things will be different, but inevitably it’s not. It’s more of a conversation from the perspective of the friend who sees the faults in her logic but knows she won’t listen and is getting frustrated because it’s not the first time this conversation has happened, and feels it won’t be the last.”

After sharing stages with the likes of The Lightning Seeds and Reverend and The Makers, not to mention playing at Tramlines Festival, Sunniside Festival and other UK dates on a regular basis, the relentless workhorse that is Kosmonauts is going in at full pelt with this release, so fasten your seatbelts for one hell of a ride.