Your Life & Mine team up with Young Minds charity on new single

Remind To Remember is the latest single from their forthcoming EP Under One Roof which is set for release on 10 June.

Following the storming success of the new single Better End The Heartbreak, Sheffield rockers Your Life & Mine have just released the second single Remind To Remember from their forthcoming EP Under One Roof.

The single is being released in support of the UK charity Young Minds, both raising awareness and to raise funds so that they can continue their excellent work. Your Life & Mine are shamelessly asking for you to get involved and contribute whatever you can for this life-changing charity.

Talking about the importance of Remind To Remember, the band explain: “We wrote Remind To Remember with the intention of helping to raise awareness about how bullying can affect the mental health of young people. Remind to Remember is all about discovering yourself and that being different is okay. We reflect back on our school years and how looking a certain way or standing out can lead to bullying or discrimination. We want to share the message that it’s okay to be different and we should embrace these differences. At the end of the day we’re all the same, be kind.”

Exploring life experiences in a positive way and delivered within an accessible musical package, Your Life & Mine have managed to create an anthemic statement for 21st Century living – Under One Roof will be the soundtrack to the Summer, for Your Life & Mine.