EP Review: Rhys Lewis – In Between Minds

Singer-songwriter Rhys Lewis impresses on his second EP In Between Minds, out now via Decca. 

The EP features recent singles End Like This, Hold on to Happiness and Better Than Today, as well as two new tracks. It showcases Rhys’ gift for telling poignant and vivid stories through his lyrics, and his willingness to bare all. Encapsulating the thoughts and fears of young people in today’s society, Rhys has become known for dissecting his own experiences with an emotional honesty and bravery, making it irresistible to listeners worldwide.

Originally from Oxford, the 27-year-old singer-songwriter crafts his songs with a maturity that belies his years. These skills shine bright in opening track and single Hold On To Happiness. The smooth vocals layered over light acoustic guitar present a grand lightness that floats throughout the entire EP and makes the listener want to hit repeat again and again. Rhys Lewis recently commented in an interview that this track was a major emotional catharsis: “I wrote this song to remind myself that we are all going through something, there’s darkness and uncertainty in everyone’s life and I’m not alone in feeling lost in those moments.”

The following Better Than Today, backed by a piano melody to die for, talks about issues close to Rhys’ heart. Worrying about daily struggles, political climate and general societal angst that a lot of millenials and young people feel these days. Lewis manages to capture that feeling and puts it into a beautiful track that puts the listener a little more at ease.

End Like This is a gorgeous break-up song. Not possible? Yes it is. The song starts off by painting a picture of a perfect relationship and the intense chorus cuts through the memories and smashes them on the floor, all wrapped into a sultry pop ballad melody.

The EP finishes with two unreleased tracks. Lonely As Love continues the theme from the previous track, talking about a lost love and the inevitable ending of a relationship while Things You Can’t Change is the adorable love song we all need in our life. Lyrics in the style of Bruno Mars’ Just The Way You Are and melodies that are just smooth and sexy enough to set the perfect background music to your next date.

In Between Minds sets Rhys Lewis up to play with all the big acts in no time. His music is mainstream enough to get him radio play but unique enough to set him apart from other songwriters.