Rhys Lewis plays his sophomore EP at OMEARA

The singer-songwriter stunned his audience with smooth vocals and relatable lyrics.

Rhys Lewis released his second EP In Between Minds via Decca last month. To celebrate he played his biggets headline show to date at London’s gorgeous OMEARA, which sold out in a week.

His new EP features recent singles End Like This, Hold on to Happiness and Better Than Today, as well as two new tracks. It showcases Rhys’ gift for telling poignant and vivid stories through his lyrics, and his willingness to bare all. And that is exactly what the singer did at his London show. Kicking things off with single Hold On To Happiness he instantly had everyone in the room at his fingertips. Sure, the romantic setting of the OMEARA helped, but quite honestly Rhys could play these tracks in an abandoned warehouse and we’d still fall head over heels.

The sultry smoothness of his vocals is just the right combination of intense and light that will make you forget about the world around you for an hour or so. Playing tracks of his new EP and debut EP as well as some brand new songs makes for a wonderful mixture.

His stage banter is just low key enough to make him likeable but still believeable when he tells us about the story behind and the time it took him to record the heartbreaking No Right To Love You, or the strong sense of activism behind new track What Wild Things Were which is a hard-hitting tale about climate change.

“What would I do without my bloody mom!” Lewis says as he introduces Some Days and pays homage to his extremely supportive family. But there’s always time to check the football score as the singer checks where the Liverpool v Barcelona game is at.

After he finishes off his set with Be Your Man the crowd eagerly demands an encore. “We didn’t plan for this, this is the problem.” Rhys says as he seems to try to decide whether or not to play another song. When he eventually does, he leaves the vote up to the crowd. Things Can’t Change off his lastest EP In Between Minds. 

Encapsulating the thoughts and fears of young people in today’s society, Rhys has become known for dissecting his own experiences with an emotional honesty and bravery, making it irresistible to listeners worldwide. And with that skill he delivers a unique show that will make you want to know more and hear more from the singer-songwriter.