Maren Morris has us under her spell at the Royal Albert Hall

Celebrating the release of her new record GIRL at London’s Royal Albert Hall, Maren Morris made us fall in love with her all over again.

Having dropped her sophomore album GIRL earlier this year, country-pop singer Maren Morris lit up the iconic Royal Albert Hall in the capital. She had the crowd at her fingertips until the very last note echoed through the room and reminded us why we need more female artists like her.

She’s been inspiring young girls ever since the release of her debut record HERO in 2016 and now the Texas native is taking over the world with her zero-f*cks-given attitude and killer hooks. It’s always a pleasure seeing talented artists at London’s Royal Albert Hall, but there’s just that little added bit of sparkle when an artist is playing it for the first time. “It’s been a dream of mine to play here ever since I started singing” Morris tells the crowd that is more than willing to share this special moment with her.

Kicking things off with the lead single to her sophomore record GIRL, which also sets the mood and message for the night. Whether you like country or pop or not, you cannot deny the fact that acts like Maren Morris are the kind of music icons we want for young girls. Artists who are unapologetically themselves, artists who go for what they want and they make sure they get it. Artists who not only look savage AF, but ARE savage AF. But that’s not all, the reason there’s so much to love about Morris is because she has a little bit of everything. Amongst all that sass behind 80s Mercedes is also a softer side in the shape of tracks like I Could Use A Love Song. “We’ll be testing out some new songs which are my favorites, which are your favorites… I wrote most of these on the road” the singer explains. “This one is about bands that we were obsessed with in high school and how songs attach to memories” she continues as she launches into the aptly titled There’s A Song For Everything. 

And if you think life has always been easy for Morris, you’re wrong. “Three years ago when I started writing for this record, they pulled those songs out of me. I didn’t feel very loveable at that time.” She says, and tells us more about her recent marriage “If someone loves you in that stage, they’ll love you in any.” And as we all swoon (and secretly, we all want a marriage just even a bit like Ryan and Maren’s) she blows us away with To Hell And Back.

From start to finish there is absolutely no denying that Maren’s voice is one of a kind. The reason for all your goosebumps during Second Wind? That soulful, totes-emosh, killer vocals that echo through the auditorium of central London. As she then slides into a brief cover of Beyonce’s Halo we all silently agree that even Queen Bey would probably sit there, jaw-dropped. And with a little guest appearance by One Direction’s Nial Horan, who recorded Seeing Blind with Morris in 2017 for his debut solo record Flicker, the evening had everything you could ask for of a Grade A country-pop show.

So whether it’s the feel of an actual gospel choir made up of all of the Royal Albert Hall for My Church, or getting a little teary-eyed for Once, or dancing into the night with The Middle to put the cherry on a country music sundae, Maren Morris will continue to blow us away, on and off stage, and we will root for her All. The. Way.

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