Not Ur Girlfrenz launch video for “New Kids In America”

The trio have shared the fun video for the title track off their debut EP. 

From Vans Warped to International tours, Texan power pop trio Not Ur Girlfrenz show no signs of slowing down their journey to becoming household names on both sides of the Atlantic.

Their infectious, crowd drawing songs are what really shine through, and the band are delighted to bring you the brand new music video for the their debut EP title track New Kids In America. The track is the final release from their smash hit debut EP and sees the girls proclaiming a message that everyone in the social media generation needs to hear.

As the lyrics ring out:
We’re the new kids in America,
You can find us on social media,
When did the trend of no one ever having fun,
Spread throughout the land infecting everyone?

In a world where we are more connected than ever before, the message is simple, use that power for what the world needs – FUN! Check out the video for New Kids In America below:

Not Ur Girlfrenz’ new video for New Kids In America follows their previous singles No One Asked You Anyway, WarpedFriends or Memories and Somehow, all of which also featured on their debut EP.