Free Throw share new video for ‘Perfect Driftwood’

The track is the latest single off the band’s recent album What’s Past Is Prologue.

Free Throw have shared a new video for one of What’s Past Is Prologue‘s standout moments, Perfect Driftwood.

Encapsulating everything that Free Throw stands for as a band, both currently and throughout their history, Perfect Driftwood is a song about not measuring up, and how there is always something, somehow, preventing you from reaching your goals. Its accompanying video helps bring to life some aspects of the human thought process from young to old, and how we go from being so imaginative to getting caught up in “adult life,” and later, reminiscing back on that imagination.

But much like the band themselves, the song definitely has layers to it, and so does the video. “To me, it can be taken and applied to a lot of situations and can be appreciated in different ways,” vocalist/guitarist Cory Castro explains. “I think the video captures those layers and adds its own dimension to it.”

Upon first listen, Free Throw’s latest album, What’s Past Is Prologue, sounds like it could be a breakup record––which wouldn’t be entirely shocking for a band whose made some serious waves in a genre practically built upon the subject matter. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

This is a record not about the hangups and minutiae of a failed relationship with a significant other, but more so one with yourself. It’s about self-reflection, even when rock bottom is what’s staring back at you. It details the continuing mental health struggles of lead singer and guitarist Cory Castro, and serve as a complete story of what happens when you decide that everything in your life needs to change.

What’s Past Is Prologue marks a transformative shift for the band sonically, as well. While Cory digs deep and churns out some of the strongest lyrics of his young career, the rest of the band –– including his brother Justin, Lawrence Warner (guitar), Jake Hughes (guitar), and Kevin Garcia (drums) –– create the big, sweeping moments and intense atmosphere this kind of record begs for.

While each song is entirely different in style and tone, What’s Past Is Prologue shows off exactly what makes a record like this so instantly memorable. Together, they serve as a major turning point for the Nashville band; for the first time, Free Throw has arrived at this place where it feels like it’s all finally coming together, and maybe this is only just the beginning.