Anniversary tours we’d love to see in 2022

It’s not like we want to tell bands what to do … all we’re saying is, these albums celebrate milestones this year so why not take them on the road?

From Fleetwood Mac’s classic Rumours to the start of the scene in 2002 with Blink, Avril and MCR to recent record collection staples such as Gaslight Anthem’s Handwritten, we’re giving you some 2022 gig day dreaming material.

Fleetwood Mac – Rumours (1977)
Though their eleventh studio album, Rumours may just be Fleetwood Mac’s most well known record and their most iconic. Largely recorded in Los Angeles, the record was produced by the band with Ken Caillat and Richard Dashut, and released by Warner Bros. Records on 4 February 1977. But why is it the record that sets itself apart from all the others? Various internal band drama (breakups, divorces, etc) resulted in incredibly honest lyrics, making the listener a spectator to the romantic dramas that unfolded. So let’s be honest, to relive all that turmoil and romantic soap opera feel in a live setting would just be wonderful.

Bruce Springsteen – Tunnel Of Love (1987)
Our love mantra: “Get yourself a man who looks at you the way Bruce looks at Patti” – well you can get pretty close to that feeling by listening to 1987’s Tunnel Of Love. If that makes you think “ew, squishy feelings” then think again. Like many of Springsteen’s work, it’s easily misunderstood (cue Born In The USA – not a patriotic song). Tunnel Of Love is not a cheesy romance record, but rather the most honest collection of songs about falling in love. The lyrics don’t hold either part of the couple to god-like standard, instead Springsteen gives a realistic yet breathtakingly beautiful look at what it’s actually like to fall in love. Not Disney, but rather real world. Tougher Than The Rest is one of the best examples of exactly that mentality. And let’s not forget that this record affirmed his rock icon status and filled arenas and stadiums across the US. We all need a little more love these days, so who do we need to talk to to get the boss back on the road? Because the world needs it.

Bon Jovi – Keep The Faith (1992)
Real talk – Bed Of Roses has one of the sexiest choruses ever recorded, don’t argue because you know it’s true. Jon Bon Jovi’s raspy vocals and Richie Sambora’s piercing riffs are a combo that doesn’t have many rivals. Keep The Faith is also the band’s last record with all five original band members, now does that matter? No but you came for the facts so there you go. And to be honest, we’d just very much like to see a stadium filled with people and rip through Bon Jovi’s epic discography for a night.

blink-182 – Dude Ranch (1997)
Okay it may not be blink’s best album, but the band’s sophomore record marks the band’s major label debut on Cargo Music and MCA Records. Dammit was one of the first tracks to help the band gain mainstream credibility and landed them on the VANS Warped Tour lineup (we miss you, Warped!). For 2022, though we’d absolutely love nothing more than a blink-182 tour, we mainly just hope for a full recovery for Mark Hoppus as an icon who inspired a next generation of bands that wouldn’t exist without him.

Green Day – Nimrod (1997)
Before you shout, we are fully aware Green Day are actually going on tour in 2022, though not an anniversary tour. But this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the band we all fell in love with in our teens no matter the decade. The band that never seems to age (like us, ha!). The band that is always punk and political AF. Recorded at Conway Recording Studios in Los Angeles, Nimrod is less of a cohesive record and more of a collection of songs, probably the most diverse in Green Day’s history.

The Libertines – Up The Bracket (2002)
Just before Christmas, London indie rockers The Libertines announced a run of shows to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut record Up The Bracket. The album, recorded in August 2002 in London, climbed up to #35 in the UK album charts marking the rebirth of the British indie and alternative music scene.

Good Charlotte – The Young & Hopeless (2002)
If you’re wondering why there’s so many albums from 2002 on this list, you should know this was our peak teenage years. Your elder emos and pop punk kids are here to show you the music that created a unique scene across the globe and across MySpace … *RAWRxD

The Young & The Hopeless followed Good Charlotte’s self-titled debut album and was recorded from February to May 2022. It included three of Good Charlotte’s most iconic tracks such as Lifestyles Of The Rich And The Famous, Girls & Boys as well as The Anthem. The album reached the top ten in the US, Sweden, New Zealand and Australia as well as a top 20 position in the UK. In addition, The Young & The Hopeless‘ singles were heavily featured on rotation on MTV and various European music channels and TV shows, introducing the mainstream crowd to the genre of pop punk.

Avril Lavigne – Let Go (2002)
Speaking of pop-punk, make way for the queen of pop punk, Avril Lavigne. Whilst Avril is yet to take her latest record Head Above Water on the road due to the pandemic, we would like to think without it we may have had a Let Go anniversary tour. But rest assured, Avril will likely be bringing out all the early 00’s hits on her UK tour as well.

In 2002, Avril Lavigne gave teenage girls something that we didn’t see much on TV and in magazines. A rebellious, non-beauty-standard-focused, confident young girl who was taking a scene full of male artists by storm and literally dominating pop punk for years. If you’ve ever worn a tie with a tank top as a girl, thank Avril Lavigne. If you learned that boys are not always to be taken seriously, thank Avril Lavigne. If you felt your emotional trauma heard on mainstream radio, thank Avril Lavigne. Sk8r Boi is the anthem of a generation, Complicated is still one the biggest tunes of all time and I’m With You will always tug on your heartstrings and make you go full emo.

Simple Plan – No Pads, No Helmets … Just Balls (2002)
If there’s a band that represents none of us elder emos really wanting to grow up it sure is Simple Plan. Their 2002 No Pads, No Helmets … Just Balls marked the debut album of the Canadian quintet which two decades later still makes all our 00’s pop punk playlists. Released in March 2022 via Atlantic Records, the album included what to this day are still some of the band’s most well known singles. And if you’ve seen Simple Plan live you know that twenty years later they are still one of the most fun bands around (check out our review of their Show at O2 Academy Brixton in 2020 with Bowling For Soup and Not Ur Girlfrenz). The band gave their debut record the 15th anniversary treatment in 2017 but let’s be honest, you can never have enough Simple Plan.

The Used – The Used (2002)
Produced by none other than John Feldmann, The Used’s self-titled debut album released in 2002 is a staple in the early 00’s emo scene. The Bert McCracken fronted band from Utah recorded their debut album in California’s Foxy Studios after having sent their demos to Goldfinger’s John Feldmann who eventually flew them out to Marina Del Rey after the band had honed their sound.

My Chemical Romance – I Brought You Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love (2002)
We said this would get emo, so you were warned. Emo icons My Chemical Romance blessed the world with their debut studio album in 2002 and little did we know how it would change all of our lives. In 2022 the band are set to finally embark on their reunion tour and we certainly cannot wait to get completely emotional, don the skinny jeans and black eyeliner and whip out all the hairspray for the ultimate scene hair look and feel 16 again. Recorded in New York, I Brought You Bullets would be the foundation of a collection of records that defined generations of rock-loving teenagers everywhere and would eventually lead to the band being recognized by a single note (we won’t G-note you, don’t worry).

Fall Out Boy – Infinity On A High (2007)
From the kings of song titles that are confusing and long, Fall Out Boy’s catchy choruses burned themselves into our brains and years later we still say Thnks Fr Th Mmrs instead of using vowels. In a very random twist of events, if you look closely in the music video for said song, you can spot a very young and unfamous Kim Kardashian. Wonder if that’s when Kourtney actually fell in love with pop punk and has just been a secret scene girl this whole time – tell us Kourtney!

The album scored Fall Out Boy a number one on the US Billboard charts and has now sold over two million copies world wide. The band will be supporting Green Day on their huge summer Hella Mega tour but we sure wouldn’t mind a Infinity On A High anniversary tour on top of that.

The Gaslight Anthem – Sink Or Swim (2007)
Whilst 2002 also marks the 10 year anniversary of The Gaslight Anthem’s hit album Handwritten, as die hard fans we’d like to make the case for a Sink Or Swim anniversary tour because it is, without a doubt, the band’s best record. As their debut album, Sink Or Swim is often put aside by mainstream critics as a much heavier, less radio friendly version of the classic Gaslight Anthem sound. But not only does it hold some of the grungiest dives into rock in the band’s history, it also presents the most beautiful lyrics written by lead vocalist Brian Fallon. “And if they end it all by the end of tonight, if the big bomb drops down over this quiet Edison sky…” single handedly makes us shiver every time.

And whilst there may never be another Gaslight Anthem tour, we’d just like to say thank you to a band that gave us so much in ten years of existence that can never be repaid. We’ll carry these songs like a comfort wherever we go.

Paramore – Riot! (2007)
Just last month Hayley Williams teased the return of Paramore when she said “we can’t be a on a break forever” and with this statement kicked off a massive wave of joy for millions of Paramore fans around the world. With their 2007 sophomore record Riot! Tennessee rock band Paramore, fronted by Hayley Williams, cemented their place in the 00’s pop punk and emo scene like no other with their legendary single Misery Business. So can we expect a return of Paramore and perhaps a 15-year anniversary tour for Riot! … we shall see.

The Menzingers – On The Impossible Past (2012)
Released in February 2012 via Epitaph Records, On The Impossible Past is about lost friends, regrets, and memories. And it’s that nostalgia aspect that we’ve always loved about the Menzingers, the relatability of the lyrics and the crashing power chords have been a constant factor throughout the band’s career. On The Impossible Past was recorded at Atlas Studios in Chicago with longtime collaborators Matt Allison (Alkaline Trio, The Lawrence Arms) and Justin Yates.

And with The Menzingers being one of the best punk bands you’ll see live, it would be a great occasion to get them back on the road.

And there you have it, our little daydreaming list of tours for this year if we had a say. Let us know in the comments if we missed any major milestone records that deserve an anniversary tour.