Perfect Christmas presents for the music nerd in your life

Now that Gothmas is over, Christmas is upon us and oh the struggle of finding that perfect gift for your loved ones. And whilst we believe that being with the ones you love is present enough (cheesy, we get it!) there is nothing wrong with wanting to make them feel extra special.

We’re not professional shoppers so if you’re looking for fancy Harrods recommendations, you may as well stop now. This one’s for the nerdy music lovers, for the gig addicts and the gig buddies who just want to say thanks.

Okay, warm up those fingers, dig out that credit card and be prepared to probably spend too much money (sorry!).

1. Tickets (duh!)

Listen up, there is nothing (almost nothing) better you can give someone who loves music than tickets for their favorite band or artist.

And because there’s a cost of living crisis, make sure you check out those smaller venues too for up and coming gigs your loved ones might like, because why not support your local venue AND make someone’s heart sparkle with tickets to see a band they love.

Don’t forget to make sure to check ticket terms and conditions though, some venues/promoters will ask for the lead booker to be present (no pun intended). In those cases, there’s always gift cards – some venues and ticket agents do offer them.

2. Vinyl/Cassettes

Whatever retro version of physical music you’re into, there’s bound to be a coloured edition or special version of your friend’s favorite album. Nothing says I care about your interest like knowing exactly which edit of that one album they want but don’t own yet will make their eyes light up like a Christmas tree left alone with old school candles.

You can find special edits of your favourite records at most indie record shops – my personal favourite are the good people at Banquet Records in Kingston, London. They also have in-store and intimate gigs on, so well worth checking those out whilst you’re at it!

3. Merch, merch, merch

Look, even if you’re not sure on their size (dear artists, label, management – merch sizing is a NIGHTMARE) many artists, especially in the alternative scene, have plenty of other options available. blink-182 christmas ornaments for example here, this not grandma-approved Iron Maiden christmas jumper (just buy it a size bigger, we all love an oversized jumper!),

And then there’s none festive merch. Now anyone can do a tshirt or or hoodie. But some bands really think outside the box, some solid gold examples here:

  • Ghost’s Paint Your Own Papa Statue (buy here)
  • Ozzy Osbourne plush bat with detachable head – because why not (see here)
  • Metallica Clue – who took the recording equipment? (find out here)
  • Download Festival’s woofing good collection (tailwagging this way)
  • All Time Low wine – someone knows their target audience (drink responsibly, or not ’tis the season after all)
  • Rammstein ANYTHING – seriously, cookie cutters, NSFW soap, tool boxes, puzzles, cutting boards, you name it – Rammstein have it (check it out here)

And for an extra special festive feel – check out the good people at Merch For Good. Selling shirts with designs by 100+ artists with 100% of the profits going to Trekstock who support young adults with and beyond cancer. It’s a win win if you ask us!

4. LEGO – no, hear us out!

You’re lying if you don’t like LEGO. But LEGO don’t do band stuff!! Think again, let us introduce you to:

  • LEGO Fender Ideas Stratocaster (here)
  • Grand Piano (here)
  • Yellow Submarine (here)

5. Music themed small business buys

This Christmas, if you don’t want to go band specific, Etsy has many small businesses that sell music themed handmade creations to warm your hearts. From metal ring holders and retro earrings to t-shirts and tote bags.

Now one could argue that artist specific small business products are frowned upon a little as they take away the ability for the artist to make money on any of it, and it infringes on copyright. I will leave the decision on whether you’re bothered about that to you though.

However, check out Pretty Venom Crafts for some seriously emo music crafts, these guitar head stocking hangers and this gorgeous guitar ring. But there’s more on Etsy, so go on a hunt!

6. Own Our Venues

For the dedicated gig goer in your life, this one’s a special one. From as little as 100 you can support the Music Venue Trust’s Own Our Venues campaign to help save the UK’s grassroots venues (you know the ones without whom we would have no Iron Maiden, no Frank Turner, no Ed Sheeran). They desperately need our help to make it through the winter amidst an incredible lack of support from the government.

And if nothing else, do us a favour and at least spread the word on this to your loved ones. We need those venues, TikTok isn’t going to produce new artists forever, and certainly not sustainable careers.

All the info and the Crowdfunder link are right here.

7. Fightback Lager

More good doing in the spirit of Christmas future, Fightback Lager are supporting the Music Venue Trust with 5p from every bottle going towards the fight to save our grassroots music venues.

Your friends like beer/cider and live music? Here’s your perfect crimbo present.

8. Epiphone’s First Forever Guitar

Epiphone, the leading innovator and accessible brand for every stage, recently presented the all-new Epiphone Power Players™ collection. The Epiphone Power Players collection offers classic Gibson Les Paul and SG guitar shapes in a high-quality, youth-sized guitar, that is easy-to-play and an ideal learning or travelling guitar. All Epiphone Power Players Les Paul and SG’s are accessorised with a guitar strap, cable and picks, and a gig bag – making it the perfect gift this Christmas.

The Epiphone Power Players™ are available worldwide through authorised Epiphone dealers. Tested and approved by music teachers, the all-new Epiphone Power Players™ is a quality built ¾+ sized version of Gibson’s iconic Les Paul and SG guitar shapes. Teachers and parents can purchase the all-new Epiphone Power Players collection knowing they’re high-quality Epiphone guitars, with better sound and playability, that will inspire and build confidence in new players, keeping them more engaged as they learn the instrument.

So there you have it, don’t get stuck for presents this year, and whilst your at it, treat yourself to a little something too!

Happy happy and merry merry everyone 🎄

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