Madison Cunningham shines bright at Islington Assembly Hall

West coast folk-rock singer and songwriter Madison Cunningham wowed the audience at London’s Islington Assemly Hall in November with stellar support from Corey Harper.

There is nothing quite like a cold late autumn night in London to cuddle up into a packed venue and be blown away by two talented artists that have the crowd wrapped around their fingers from the first to the last note.

Portland native Corey Harper kicked things off in North London, and with his guitar and his natural charm it wasn’t hard to to win over the 800+ fans. The brief World Cup chat about the England v Wales game that evening then melted the last icy heart in the venue.

Having toured with none other than Niall Horan, Justin Bieber, Julia Michaels and more, Corey Taylor’s recent EP Entertainment sure echoed beautifully throughout the Islington Assembly Hall that evening.

As Madison Cunningham takes to the stage the venue is filled to the brim with excitement and anticipation to hear what the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter has in store. And she does not disappoint. On the contrary, with her breezy smooth California aura and spell-binding Americana melodies, Cunningham proves just where that Grammy nomination has come from.

Opener All I’ve Ever Known sweeps us away on a road trip under the wide skies of America, with the light fluttery strokes of her guitar reminding of lightning bugs and warm summer nights. Followed by single Hospital which beautifully showcases the blues and rock influences on Revealer.

“Hospital is written from this sort of half awake, slightly drunken, on the cusp of a nervous breakdown perspective, I think ultimately it speaks to the impossible condition of being sedated with information and trying to hold onto your sanity.” She previously said about the track.

Throughout her seventeen track set, Cunningham manages to make the room feel like a small club show where she shares her most intimate thoughts and feelings, delivered via unparalleled songwriting and captivating vocals. Such as can be felt in every vein during Life According To Rachael, a song Cunningham wrote about her grandmother’s passing.

And when Madison Cunningham sends us off into the cold November night, our hearts are a little warmer and our smiles a little brighter as her talent is bound to leave a big mark on the folk & Americana scene, and we certainly cannot wait to see what’s next for her in 2023 (a Grammy win would be a well deserved start).