Lisa McHugh at C2C – up close and personal

Ireland-based country singer Lisa McHugh played an intimate show at this weekend’s Country To Country Festival. 

Country To Country was a family affair for me this year – taking my parents to see all the fun at The O2 was something special. As we go through the schedule of the day and who we could go see next I read out Lisa McHugh’s name and shrieking ensues. It’s clear we’re heading to Building Six to see the Glasgow-born singer. And thanks to my parents I get to witness a show that’s so full of life and talent and happiness.

Lisa McHugh moved to Ireland to pursue a career in country music and it becomes clear that it is probably one of the best decisions of her life. Not only is it written all over her face that she’s genuinely excited to be there but also that she wants to have that connection with her audience. Her 30 minute set leaves us wanting more.

Just before the show, while sound check is going on, Lisa is chatting to two little girls at the very front of the stage. Later on she told us about the girls’ favourite country artists and that she could try and cover one of their songs but doesn’t think it would ever be the same. And a cover is never the same, but we are pretty sure Lisa could smash a Carrie Underwood or Dolly Parton cover out of the water with her voice! In the end she treas us to a rendition of Shania Twain and without a doubt nails it. Even with just two hours of sleep after their last show, it never once becomes obvious to the audience. Lisa and her band are spot on and endearing all the way.

With her newest album #Country just out last year, we get o hear her newest single new single Play Me The Waltz Of The Angels, which does indeed make her sound like an angel. We’re convinced it’s only onwards and upwards from here for Lisa and we’ll look forward to having her back for C2C 2018 (hopefully!).