German punk rockers Beatsteaks show London who’s boss

Hailing from the German capital, Beatsteaks blew the roof off of KOKO with their show on Friday night. 

Dear British punk fans – if you haven’t checked out Beatsteaks yet, I strongly urge you to do so. Their London show last week proved once again why they are so loved back home. A 24-track set filled with a stunning light show, circle pits, a bouncing venue and the best punk party courtesy of zee Germans.

Having been a band for 22 years now and five albums under their belt, Beatsteaks are a pillar in the German punk community and have been stopping by in London on their tours for the last few years. Their set kicked off with an almost game show like intro launching into 2007’s As I Please quickly followed by 2011’s Mrs Right. 

“It’s a Friday night! Feel free! This looks wonderful, YOU look wonderful!”  front man Armin energetically shouts out to the venue. The band’s iconic guitar-riff heavy intros and anthemic choruses provide a perfect formula for the London audience (many of whom have traveled from Germany to see the band).

Various covers find their way into the set such as the legendary German language cover of Fu Manchu’s Hell On Wheels, titled Frieda Und Die Bomben, and Billy Bragg’s New England which admittedly is probably more iconic to London people than anyone else. The intro to Cut The Top Off is none other than a cover of the Pet Shop Boys’ West End Girls – “It was the first thing we heard coming out of England on German TV at age 15.” Armin Teutenburg-Weiss explains.

To finish off a remarkable set before the encore(s), Let Me In blasts through the speakers and has the whole of KOKO sit down and listen to Armin’s megaphone announcement “Let’s fly to paradise, all together now, there’s only one competition on this flight…” he shouts. And just as the bridge finishes the venue jumps approximately 5 inches to the right.

After two encores including a cover of Queen’s I want To Break Free and their hit single I Don’t Care As Long As You Sing all topped off with a Beastie Boys cherry of Sabotage. 

So there you go, London punk fans. All the punk goodness mixed with German rock attitude gives you a firecracker of a gig and a band you won’t soon forget. 


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