This Wild Life release music video for brand new single

The Cali acoustic rock duo have just released their new original ballad Hold You Here.

Directed by Spencer Baldwin, the charming and romantic clip for Hold You Here tells the story of a couple’s spontaneous city hall wedding and casual backyard reception filled with friends & family sipping PBR out of champagne flutes, The Macarena, and a small bit of crowd surfing, all of which reinforces the importance of holding onto those special relationships in one’s life.

“‘Hold You Here’ is lyrically about cherishing the perfect moments in an imperfect world. Prioritizing people over finances, seeking love over material possessions, and appreciating the cracks in our lives that allow the light to shine through.” the band said about the track.

Hold You Here is the first in a series of songs This Wild Life will be revealing in 2018 leading up to the release of their recently completed new studio album.